Blackbear Anonymous | 2019

Blackbear Anonymous

Blackbear Anonymous

blackbear anonymous.jpg

Blackbear’s Anonymous is one of the albums that I missed during their release date, however, I try to look at it as soon as I can. As you might know that I am a fan of Blackbear’s Do re mi featuring Gucci Mane. I really think that Blackbear is super savvy and savage at the same time. I would say that Blackbear is the opposite of Yungblud, but both are my favourite.

Blackbear released 1 Sided Love”, “High1x”, “Swear to God”, “Hate My Guts” and “Dead to Me” in an eight-minute music video in order to support Anonymous album. I am a fan of how he showed how vulnerable he is, some of the lyrics are literally representing “me against the world” sort of story.

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My favourite tracks from Anonymous are Drug Dealer, on this story, it was pictured as a similar Bonnie and Clyde story, Blackbear is idolizing a relationship between himself and the drug dealer. An interesting story isn’t it? I am also a fan of the song Heart Broken and Losing You form the album.

Let us know what do you think about the album Anonymous by Blackbear. Blackbear style is actually similar to artists like Twenty One Pilots, Mike Shinoda and Yungblud. They are able to combine the rock side and their rap side at the same time.

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