The Underrated Youth, Yungblud 2019

The Underrated Youth EP – Yungblud

The Underrated Youth EP

the underrated youth ep

In 2019, the artist Yungblud released his EP titled The Underrated Youth, I did made a thread about Yungblud, here. Yungblud’s style of music reminds me a lot of Linkin Park at their early days. What I do love about The Underrated Youth is that Yungblud is showing an emo side of him. I would say that Yungblud is music is perfect for those who love Twenty One Pilots.

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In general, The Underrated Youth is very much portrayed Yungblud’s previous released, for example like Parents, they are very very relatable to Doctor Doctor that was part of his previous release. I think Yungblud’s music is all about the acceptance from society towards ourselves and self acceptance. It’s all about the hard life that kids in 21st Century face.

In general I think The Underrated Youth has this amazing alternative sound that might bring you the resemblance throwback of Linkin Park. I love the track Original Me featuring Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragon. If I could be honest to everyone these days I’m really stressed out. There are things that seems to be out of my reach. At some points some music or films are not able to help me out. I am also questioning about my future after I am graduating from university. It was like something that I am not ready to face.

I am into emo songs these days, Casual Sabotage from the EP The Underrated EP is not bad either. It’s truly reminds me of Linkin Park’s old album and making miss them coming back together. In my opinion, Yungblud showed his skills on singing and rapping. I think the EP, The Underrated Youth is really underrated, I mean he really showing a raw image that most of artists are not showing it. I mean nothing in life is perfect, and it is kind of ok I guess.

I think the EP is also talked about the rebelliousness in life as a teenager. I would totally recommend this EP for people to listen to it.

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