AOMG Sign Here Episode 5

AOMG Sign Here Episode 5

Sign Here Episode 5

AOMG Sign Here Episode 5.png

AOMG’s Sign Here Episode 5 was released about a week ago. Artist like YDG also participated on the track Party. The album for the fifth episode of Sign Here has at least 6 tracks.  I would say that Sign Here Episode 5 is really showing the meaning of being an AOMG member.

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There are a lot of trap songs for this episode, also GRAY produced most of the songs for this fifth episode of Sign Here. I was actually wondering the meaning of Most Badass Asian, what are the idea of being badass and Asian in general. I think they are very interesting too. Based on the Twitter poll, Sign Here seems to be the audience favourite, but it could be because most of my friends back in Indonesia listen to Korean hip-hop instead of Western hip-hop.

What do you think about the fifth episode of this survival show? My favourite songs from the fifth episode are Do That Thang and Come Back Home. Check out our review on 1, 2, 3, 4 episode.

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