Lim Kim Generasian 2019

Lim Kim Generasian

Generasian Lim Kim

Lim Kim Generasian

Generasian Lim Kim

Lim Kim recently released Generasian, according to VICE, she wants to approach a new wave of a musical style that represents K-Pop in general and talking about girl power in Asia. The album Generasian has contained 6 songs, she quoted in VICE that she would present diverse music through Generasian.

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And I also hope to show K-pop and Asian music’s diversity with the fact that there are many colourful artists here. – Lim Kim VICE

Lim Kim was part of the show K-Pop star, where stars like Lee Seunghoon from WINNER and AKMU born. Lim Kim opens up about how certain image in K-Pop is perceived especially as a female. This is a highlight, you might see a lot of male idols are getting into scandals, but the fans are still with them, it is the complete opposite when female doing it.

Mental illness, hate comments are two things that are rarely discussed by the industry expert. For example, late Sulli has continuously got bad comments against her through numerous anonymous netizens. But at the time, actually female artists have less voice towards the public. It’s not only artists but in public in general. I would say that Lim Kim has the audacity for her idea towards Generasian in general.

I think the album Generasian is really unique in general, it has the combination of traditional Korean music and alternative R&B. I think Lim Kim puts a bold statement with Generasian, she incorporates music that I have never listen from K-Pop music. I would like to say if you are a fan of Rina Sawayama, Lim Kim is must be for you. In some parts of the lyrics in Generasian, you could hear Lim Kim sort of rapping, but not rapping at the same time. I would like to say Mong and Yellow are my favourite tracks from Generasian.



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