Fun fact, I fell as Xiumin’s fan after watching him at Dangerous Outside Blanket, as a YG Stan I don’t usually update another song, but Xiumin is really amazing he seems nice too. I also previously reviewed EXO-CBX BLOOMING DAYS, which their Korean album.


I don’t know, but I should say that other than WINNER, BIGBANG and BTS, EXO is actually really cool. Although I am more into their sub-units, because it’s hard for me to remember the whole group, and your bias got more lines in the sub-units. And guess it right, I love Xiumin. I personally think, MINO, G-Dragon and Xiumin could pass as siblings.


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Anyways, moving to Magic by EXO-CBX, I love the style that they have a lot of pop, dance vibes. They also have some raps as well, which I think is cool, the image is actually brighter than the EXO group itself, or if you would like to compare EXO-CBX with EXO-SC. For the record, I have to say that Korean artists are really working hard, they worked twice harder for a single album to be in Korean, Japanese and even in Chinese. And their music videos are really satisfying.

I would say that Magic is not an album that filled with poetic lyrics, but I do think that they do have some amazing tracks. OMG, I literally supposed to learn my exam, but I checked on Xiumin’s clips. I do think other members of EXO-CBX, Chen and Baekhyun are really amazing too.

Horololo, Ka-CHING!, Gentleman and Ringa Ringa Ring are my favourite tracks from EXO-CBX’s MAGIC. Paper Cuts that is part of EXO-CBX single is actually my favourite.

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