The College Dropout (2004)

The College Dropout (2004)

The College Dropout – Kanye West

The College Dropout (2004).jpeg

The College Dropout was Kanye West first album back in 2004, the album got 21 tracks which actually Kanye West has drawn the line of his arts since the beginning of his career. You might shook that maybe The College Dropout has a connection to Jesus is King.

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The album, The College Dropout also features some of his friend like Jay-Z, J. Ivy and Jamie Foxx. Kanye has worked on The College Dropout in the late 1990s, but still, it proofs that Kanye West is a true genius on producing music.

Going back to Jesus Walks, Kanye asked God for the guidance upon living on Earth, but there is a line that Kanye wrote on Otis “I made “Jesus Walks,” I’m never going to hell” Indeed Kanye is an interesting person. He asked that he needs Jesus in life and it seems a similar topic on his latest album, Jesus is King. But Kanye also mentioned Jesus on the track Two Words on this The College Dropout album.


The album, The College Dropout was actually filled with Kanye’s emotional rap on his own introspection but also his point of view towards mainstream sensibilities. The album also featured Ludacris, yup Ludacris used to be a good rapper, but these days it seems that Fast and Furious franchise is more important for him.

Clearly, I think this album is very interesting, despite the song Jesus Walks is a bit confusing, either are you allowed to cuss to God, or it is just Kanye’s persona in his musical world. I mean music is a complicated world, especially rap, where personification and parables are being used to compare themselves to the best.

Let us know what do you think about this 2004 released, I was not even in Primary 1 when The College Dropout release.

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