My Favourite Singers+Rappers

My Favourite Singers+Rappers

My Favourite Singers+Rappers


Hi guys welcome to my My Favourite Singers+Rappers, I will list all my favourite singers and rappers. I know some of them might not come from the United States, but I could say that songs have become languageless, and as globalisation is happening I don’t think language matters when you listen to songs. So here’s are the list of  My Favourite Singers+Rappers.

Most of the lists that I made is because I am interested in the world of music and the relationship of the genre with race and people’s origin. And because of it a lot of people actually become one, and that’s the reason I made this album because I love multi-culture people.

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She was part of the group 2NE1, her voice is undeniably unique and fresh. She came back right after the public’s misunderstood her health issues. Park Bom resurgence is no joke, she rose with D-Nation and released 2 EPs in 2019, Spring and 4:44.  She is the true definition of a strong woman.

Rich Brian

I am also a fan of Rich Brian, I think he is one of the most influential artists from Indonesia. He is proofing everyone from a rap meme, to Billboard rap songs. The fact that he keeps on trying to be better on every music occasion, Rich Brian is one of the best. In 2019, he released his album titled The Sailor.

Jay Chou

tenor (2).gif

We can not leave Jay Chou, coming from Asia Jay Chou is really big. Even he is old (not that old) Jay Chou really has a strong presence in Asia and in the World. Jay Chou is really multi-talented as well, he is able to sing, rap and dance.

Teriyaki Boyz


The OG of Asian boy group goes to Teriyaki Boyz, they have collaborated with artists like Kanye West, Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown before the “Asian Wave” is big as now. Teriyaki Boyz got 2 albums, Beef or Chicken and Serious Japanese. I really love it and they are really showing the early 2000 Asian swag.



I really love Lizzo, I mean we all need women that have confidence and care about the body image. I really love how Lizzo is really brought the power of girl out there! Lizzo’s Cuz I Love You is amazing, and I really love Truth Hurts.

Kendrick Lamar

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kendrick lamar.jpg

One of the coolest rappers out there is Kendrick Lamar, I was so happy that I was able to manage to go to his DAMN tour concert in Melbourne. I literally saw someone that goes on to the stage and rapped the whole 2 hours straight. I was so happy with the tour and got the best seat and view!  #BEHUMBLE



I was introduced to NIKI 2017 by a friend for her single See U Never, no one knows NIKI back then. Her careers keep on skyrocketing, her EP Wanna Take This Downtown is a must to listen to, my favourite songs of her definitely Indigo, La La La Lost You, See U Never as her debut song with 88rising and Vintage. Don’t forget to check her out on Head in the Clouds 2.

Kenshi Yonezu

From Japan, there is Kenshi Yonezu which blowing out the mind of the fans, his music videos have gained hundreds of million of views, but the down to earth artist is still going and keep on producing amazing songs. He also recently released Uma to Shika.



I love Miguel, I mean his album War and Leisure was incredible, and indeed his voice is definitely one of the types that I would like to listen to all day. Other than Skywalker featuring Travis Scott, Sure Thing is definitely my favourite, it is such an OG song!



KOHH is probably one of the coolest rappers ever on Earth, I would say that his fashion style is super cool. As in 2019, KOHH released an album called Untitled, he also had Taka as a featured artist in one of the songs.  Despite that Japanese music are not often unveil themselves to the public, KOHH managed to collaborate with Xavier Wulf for the album East Memphis Maniac.


I would say that I am a new Xiumin fan, not only he is good at singing, but his dancing is really cool His song featuring Mark for SM Station was fun, I think he is not only good at singing, but I would say that he is good at rapping too. If only EXO will release a song such as Do It Together, I’ll be screaming on top of my lungs. Xiumin, good luck for your Military Service. I put the EXO-CBX the subunit that he is in.

By the way, is it or not, but Xiumin’s face definitely has some resemblances to G-Dragon.



BROCKHAMPTON is one of my favourite group, in 2019 BROCKHAMPTON released the album GINGER, I really love Brockhampton because they are such a creative collective. My favourite song from GINGER is Sugar.



Can not leave the list without Eminem the great, I was able to go to his concert as well. It was probably one of my favourite concerts that I have ever been to. I mean Eminem can go from a sad and vulnerable guy on Revival and go back hard on Kamikaze.



Can’t leave G-Dragon from the list. I personally think he is such a cool guy, and probably he is one of the musicians that changed the mindset of Western people regarding hip-hop music in Asia. He produced of BIGBANG’s music indeed he is such a talented artist to date.



In a distance, Song Minho might look like G-Dragon. And to be honest, Xiumin, G-Dragon and Song Minho could pass as a brother don’t you think so? He is the main rapper of WINNER, but MINO is a talented solo artist too. He released the solo album XX in last 2018.


kid fresino.jpg

Kid Fresino is one of the most talented Japanese rappers out there. His flow is one of the best from Japanese rappers out there. And he also the featured model for Levi’s Jeans. His Japanese and English delivery is really amazing too, so you need to check out for his releases.

Those are my lists for My Favourite Singers+Rappers, hope you guys enjoyed it. Let us know who is your favourite singers or rappers on the comment section below! By the way what kind of music are you guys listening to? You can also put that preference on the comment section below. Follow us for more updates on hip-hop and R&B music around the world.

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