Miguel War and Leisure | 2017

Miguel War and Leisure | 2017

War and Leisure Miguel

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War and Leisure is an album by the singer Miguel. Prominently I know the song Sky Walker that featured Travis Scott as a guess. But more than that I just know about that one title track and got to admit that actually War and Leisure has other songs to check.


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Is there some of you guys who also checking main singles of an album? Well, you are not alone at all. Since having the blog, I was actually trying to listen to every single song on War and Leisure. I personally love the main song Sky Walker.

I personally think that the album War and Leisure because it’s more into alternative R&B music, the reason I love DEAN was actually because of Miguel. The album also featured artists like J. Cole, Kali Uchis, Rick Ross, Quin and Salaam Remi. Pitchfork described War and Leisure as “kinetic sexual and political energy.” And I could not agree more, the track Criminal is talking about homicide and even Banana Clip despite it has a chill beats, while the track City of Angels is talking about optimism.

My favourite songs from War and Leisure are Criminal ft Rick Ross, Sky Walker, City of Angels and Now. Let us know what is/are your favourite/favourites are from this War and Leisure album by Miguel.

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