Rhythm and Flow Final Episode Album | 2019

Rhythm and Flow Final Episode Album | 2019

Rhythm and Flow Final

Rhytm and Flow Episode 7

Rhythm and Flow just released their final album but beforehand the contestants of Rhythm and Flow got the chance to collaborate with famous artists such as Jhene Aiko,  Miguel and more. Even for their first album of Rhythm and Flow I personally think that the artists that participated on Rhythm and Flow are super talented. From a cypher to rap battle I think Rhythm and Flow was a fun show to watch.


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Too bad that the collaborations within the Rhythm and Flow participants with R&B artists are not available on Spotify, but again D Smoke smashed the performance with Miguel. I think the Rhythm and Flow Final was so close between Flawless Real Talk and D Smoke. I think the collaboration of Flawless Real Talk and Jhene Aiko and D Smoke and Miguel were the best from the show.

However, Caleb Colossus did not go to the next final, but Chance the Rapper did put input on Caleb’s artistry that mostly infused faith and music. But I think Caleb Colossus did well along with the show.

But to be fair, I think D Smoke really showed unique artistry along with the Rhythm and Flow final, I personally could see him collaborated with artist like Kendrick Lamar. D Smoke aesthetic on each song is also on point, it’s very lyrical and poetic.  For the Rhythm and Flow final, D Smoke opted the song titled Last Supper. I could see why D Smoke is eventually the winner of the show.

Rhythm and Flow Final D Smoke.jpg
cred to People

But I think Flawless Real Talk is going to be okay after Rhythm and Flow final. For me, Flawless Real Talk has the cool image of an artist and a father. I like Flawless Real Talk pointed out his struggle, but at the same time, he is not forgetting about God. I am falling into gospel these days.

Flawless Real Talk Instagram

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