South Korea veteran rapper, MC Mong released his 8 studio album, Channel 8. MC Mong’s last released was back in 2016 for UFO. Channel 8 filled with various artists from Moon, Park Bom, SURAN and Coogie.

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The album Channel 8 is also filled with various emotion, according to Soompi Fame featuring Song Ga In and Chancellor is a song about his life as a youth and how he regretted some parts of it. According to Soompi, during a listening event of Channel 8 MC Mong stated;

“The title doesn’t mean that I want to gain fame. It’s more of a message to my juniors as someone who once received more love than I deserved and gained popularity through it that popularity comes from the public and they’re the people who hold the key.” – MC MONG through Soompi

Although this comeback has various perceptions because of what MC Mong did in the past, however, it seems that the song, FAME charted through many music platforms. The collaborative song of Park Bom and MC Mong for Channel 8 album is on track no 3, Chanel. I think it was a song full of emotion. I think Park Bom’s voice really compliments the song well.

The songs that I love from this Channel 8 album by MC Mong are Chanel, Desert Island and The Happiest Time of My Life Part 2. At certain of my phase life, I preferred to listen to a more emotional song. I think most of the songs from Channel 8 are really good, the featured artists are well suited to MC Mong’s style.

But not to forget that MC Mong is one of the first guys that discovered the talented B.I. Last but not least, I would like to put through that I just want to say this based on my music taste, not above someone’s behaviour in the past, because everyone makes mistakes. I think this Channel 8 album is a decent album, and I think with the charts it proofed that everyone deserved a second chance.

Let us know what do you think about the album Channel 8.


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