exo cbx blooming days.jpg

Frankly speaking, I am more a YG Family fan rather than SM Entertainment’s artists, however, there is certain artist from SM Entertainment that I particularly like, EXO has a decent sub-group, EXO CBX and EXO SC are probably my favourites. I know that putting BLOOMING DAYS by EXO CBX in 2019 is a bit late.


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But I do have a reason on why I did it now, simply because I started blogging back in 2018, and recently I have a review throwback for albums that were not released in 2019, and I genuinely think that BLOOMING DAYS is the good one. I am a fan of Xiumin through so I think EXO-CBX is showing more of his artistry. EXO XIUMIN.gif

I think most of EXO members are all-rounded, they could dance, sing and rap. I know that XIUMIN is now doing his military service, so kudos to that!

I think Blooming Days is composed between dance, R&B and a little bit of hip-hop music. I got few favourites from this album, Blooming Day. Obviously, Blooming Day as the main title track is a decent one, but I personally love the track Thursday from Blooming Days, I could say because the song Thursday is more my vibe.

I was not a fan of a total cute song Playdate from Blooming Days because I think it was a little bit too cute for me, but I don’t mind listening to it. LAZY is another song that I love, I think the dubstep sound is really fun to listen too, and I think I love the whole vibes. Anyways, I will say that Blooming Days is a decent mini album.

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