JeA Newself | 2019

JeA Newself | 2019

JeA Newself

JeA Newself album.jpg

I watch rewatching ODG featuring JeA from Brown Eyed Girls that brought her newest solo song, Dear. Rude. The song was indeed released back in June 2019. The song featured Cheetah, the rapper from South Korean that known for her fierce lines.

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I just want to say that Dear. Rude video is perfect for your Halloween idea. It was filled with horror. I was actually preferred JeA brought song such as Dear. Rude that showcased her vocal. The song was indeed part of her EP, Newself.

JA ft Cheetah Dear. Rude.gif

I would like to say that most K Pop fans tend not to listen to the B tracks of the album, which actually contained hidden gems. And I have to say that actually, Newself is a decent EP.  Neweself contained 3 songs; Dear. Rude, Newself and My World. I think JeA is able to differ herself from the “sexy image” that Brown Eyed Girls displayed. But mostly, a girl group’s image was being drawn by their agency. I think most of the tracks from Newself is really chill, and I think JeA brought the emotional base from the first track, Dear. Rude.

I think Newself is showing how JeA grows as an artist, I love the R&B and pop vibes on this album, and don’t forget to check on Brown Eyed Girls upcoming RE_vive, and GAIN’s album here.




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