In My Own Words Ne-Yo 2006

In My Own Words Ne-Yo 2006

In My Own Words Ne-Yo 2006

Born and raised in Indonesia I have the privilledged of going to international school. Sadly I just got to understand most of the songs that I listened to as a kid as I grow older. One of the artists that I listened to was Ne-Yo. And I think in 2019, we all need the music that satisying the mood and musically.

in my own words ne yo.png

Many of you might be wondering the reason why I uploading old albums, simply because I think the 2000s songs are way better than now. Ne-Yo was probably one of the OG of R&B singers, particularly So Sick is probably my favourite.  Can’t believe that In My Own Words was released back in 2006, which I was in primary 1.

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What I like about Ne-Yo was that the album In My Own Words was probably the real definition of “sad boy”, breakups and the album also contained love songs. I just think that the sound of 2000s R&B is more classical and you don’t get easily bored with it. Actually, Taeyang from BIGBANG reminds me a lot with Ne-Yo. I did make a thread on how much I love 2008 R&B, here.

Mirror is my other favourite song from the album In My Own Words, I think that Ne-Yo has this “sexy voice” but not by trying too hard. I found most of his songs are very eargasm, and I think that his old albums are better.

I am not too sure what are the current generations are thinking, I personally think that music doesn’t have to be English, but I think it’s more than just streaming music video. Last but not least, Get Down Like That Remix with Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan is definitely my favourite song. I think it was the perfect combination of singing and rap, and both artists complement each other style.

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