Wretch32 Upon Reflection

Wretch32 Upon Reflection

Wretch32 Upon Reflection.png

Wretch32 finally released the album Upon Reflection. I think in my opinion if you get the right Grime music, you are going to enjoy Grime music. Although its a mix of hip-hop, dance hall and garage music, I could tell you guys that it’s an interesting sound of music. I personally not a forte at grime, but I think they have a unique culture to look at. Artists such as Drake also collaborated with few biggest grime artists like Skepta.  I personally think that Wretch32 is another big name that every music fan should look up upon.


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Moreover, Upon Reflection contained 12 songs and the album also featured Wretch32 with other artists such as Giggs, Avelino, Talay Riley and more. If you have not heard about Avelino, you could check Jesse Lingard’s playlist here.

I think if you are a grime fan, you should check out Upon Reflection by Wretch32. I have few favourites from this album, Visiting Hours, Winning and Insurance. I think Wretch32 got influence with dancehall, especially for the track Visiting Hours. I guess if you are not familiar with Grime, I could say that Insurance is probably your track from this Upon Reflection album.

For the record, I could say that you need to check out Wretch32 considering he won BET Awards for Best International Act in 2012. I got a few recommendations for Grime music here. I am also open with your comments and recommendations. Let us know what is your favourite song from Wretch32’s Upon Reflection on the comment section!

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