AGNEZ MO X + 2019 Releases

AGNEZ MO X + 2019 Releases

AGNEZ MO X + 2019 New Releases

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Before there was NIKI and Rich Brian, or even Stephanie Poetri, Anggun and Agnez Mo were the people who brought Indonesia to the international music industry. Back in 2017, Agnez Mo released the album X. The album X was her full English album. So we are going to look upon the album X that was released in 2017, and her 2 newest releases.

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The album was filled with R&B and hip-hop songs, Agnez Mo has been known for this genre since in the early 2000s. Agnez Mo is known not only having her dance move, but also her powerful vocal. Not only showing some singing skills, but Agnez Mo also developed her rapping skills as well. Definitely, Agnez Mo is one of the most hard-working Indonesian artists.

Damn, I Love You and Long As I Get Paid were the main singles for the album X. Previously, Agnez Mo also worked along with Timbaland and T.I. for her first-ever release titled Coke Bottle. Her success later, brought her to collaborate with Chris Brown for Overdose.

I think Agnez Mo is an artist who is not afraid towards the critics that she got. And I totally appreciate all of her efforts, Agnez Mo managed to sign with 300 Entertainment, the house of artists like Migos, Rich the Kidd and Young Thug. Clearly, it’s a different company from what 88rising was offering. It was cool to see an Asian artist signed with a company based on Western artists. I think I love both companies, which they have different artists, and 88rising is having its own niche on bringing these Asian artists going bigger.

agnez mo diamondAgnez Mo is back near early September 2019, with the single Diamonds with rapper French Montana. I think in a way, Agnez Mo really break the stereotype of Asian woman out there. And in fact that she still tethered to home, Indonesia that makes me appreciate the most.

Right after more than a month, Agnez Mo released Wanna Be Loved. I think she got a lot of R&B influence here, which I think was super cool. I think from the album X to the new releases, Agnez Mo shows her interests in R&B and hip-hop music, so I can’t wait for the next releases for her newest album.

From her early times of Bilang Saja to her current new releases, let us know which of the releases is your favourite from Agnez Mo.

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