Sign Here Episode 4 is out and you could stream it through Spotify. Before you listen to Sign Here Episode 4, you check the 1st, 2nd and 3rd album of the show, Sign Here. Firstly, I have a busy schedule these days and was not able to check out the whole show or music releases. However, I could say that based on my point of view, Sign Here is able to open up the way of creativity and originality of music in South Korea. Here is why I am not really a fan when South Korean rappers are trying to hard to make them look cool with “sexy girls” because all I see is a stereotyping the hip-hop world.

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Sogumm’s voice is really interesting to me she got a unique voice that I think very captivating. However, I do feel like some Korean rapper is not authentic enough on rapping their lives. We often see or listen to the word cultural appropriation despite that rap itself is becoming worldwide. For me, some rappers are still taking a lot of influence from the Western hip-hop which I think some Korean rappers should really rap about their life in Korea. Despite not talking about the cultural background, I feel like most of Korean rappers are putting another persona that is far away.

What Should I Do and How it Feels are my favourites from this Episode 4 of Sign Here. But I still think that Sogumm is standing out because she just herself throughout the show and I don’t see her trying too hard. The production is amazing and I can’t lie about that, but there are some parts that I think was not really authentic.

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