You must have read this a lot, that a derby match is a most awaited match around the cities. Liverpool and Everton have a long history of competing in football, mainly because they are coming from the same city, Liverpool, England. Clearly, I am a fan of Liverpool, especially I do have a special place in my heart for Steven Gerrard, the former captain of Liverpool.

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The former captain, Steven Gerrard managed to at least score 10 goals from his 1998-2015 seasons with Liverpool, in 2012 Steven Gerrard managed to scored a hat trick against Everton, where it happened after 30 years.

LIVERPOOL DERBY.pngIn recent years, Liverpool has been dominating the league, especially after Jurgen Klopp taking over Liverpool, after all, Liverpool is the European champion. I could be biased towards my point of view on derby game as clearly I am a Liverpool fan.

But Everton is an easy team either, the next fixture of Liverpool against Everton is on 4 December 2019. It is going to be a week before my graduation.

But, before you go check out Jamie Broad who made a song for both sides of Liverpool and Everton at the same time. Jamie Broad made this before the FA semi-final in 2012 in which Liverpool and Everton meet up in Wembley Stadium. Liverpool came out as the winner from the derby and became the runner-up of that FA Cup season.

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