Obviously, it’s been an amazing feeling as Dele Alli fan as he performed so well against Watford. Some people might say it was a match as a “vintage Alli”, here. Well, coming to Tottenham at such a young age, Dele Alli showed how amazing he is as a player, almost scoring on every match, and soon he is the first pick for England national team.

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Recently Dele Alli has an injury and didn’t score goals as much as he used to, but I was so happy that he scored the goal yesterday. Moreover, Dele Alli has been snub from the England national team in the last 2 Euro Qualifications, he missed the Bulgarian match where England won 0-6.

But, hopefully with his performance is keeping on getting better, Gareth Southgate might calling him back to the England national team. Obviously, I am an England fan, but at the same time, I am a Liverpool fan. Just to say that Premier League is a hard league to date.

Michee got a song for Tottenham titled Letter to Spurs, and check it out! Really happy for Dele Alli to come back!


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