No Bethany RAMENGVRL | 2019

No Bethany RAMENGVRL | 2019


no bethany ramengvrl.jpeg

It’s funny to say that No Bethany mixtape by Ramengvrl is the mixtape that I haven’t check, despite reviewing her song Bad Minah featuring Hullera. But, through Duo Budjang I got to listen to Ramengvrl’s perspective of her artistry. No Bethany itself is a mixtape that composed of 9 songs.

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She said that her next project will be different from No Bethany, in fact, she explained that No Bethany is filled up with her tracks that mostly are BOP. You could listen to Bad Minah that explores the “baddest” side of the Asian female. Interestingly, with Duo Budjang, Ramengvrl actually talked about her education background that might surprise you. At the end of the day, Ramengvrl noted for everyone to be themselves.

What I like about the No Bethany mixtape is the track Whats Ur Problem, because I think it exudes the braveness of Ramengvrl, but at the same time to all every girl to stand for themselves. No Bethany is the mixtape that you might want to listen before the next album, as Ramengvrl explained that her next album will be different from her No Bethany mixtape. Ramengvrl told Duo Budjang that she would show her emo side for the next album.

Out of Control is my other favourite song, the song also featured Rayi Putra from RAN. Despite picturing herself as a party girl in her songs, Ramengvrl told Duo Budjang that she is not really into party. In fact, her next album is something more personal. Keep it up Ramengvrl.

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