Chris Lee 哇 | Wow 2019

Chris Lee 哇 | Wow 2019

Chris Lee 哇

Chris Lee 哇 | Wow 2019
Chris Lee Instagram

It’s been a while since I suggest my readers for Mandarin songs. I was just browsing the music video director, Han Sa Min and spotted Chris Lee who recently released the album哇 or Wow in English. Han Sa Min is the director behind the music video of Jennie’s Solo and Bigbang.

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What I would like to say about Chris Lee 哇 or Wow is that the album is full of unique music in general. Starting off with 你好吗我很好谢谢你呢 or How are you? I am Very Good, Thank You that featured a futuristic set. The music video was directed by Han Sa Min. I think the song is very energetic, although I personally think it is an empowerment song for girls. It’s featured an EDM and Chris Lee rapping on the music. I think the album 哇 or Wow is a mix of genre. Other than 你好吗我很好谢谢你呢, Hoodie is the song that you could hear Chris Lee rapping for 哇 album.

However, 給女孩 or For Girls is my favourite track from all the music on this album. Because I think the song For Girls is best suited for me. But over time, the album 哇 is actually building the emotion. From an energetic song, the album has a journey towards a more sentimental song.

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