Racism in Football Need to Stop

Racism in Football Need to Stop


Racism in football need to Stop, I have never been prouder to cheer for England national team despite me not being a British person. In fact, Gareth Southgate has changed the mentality of the Three Lions identity. In recent year, England has been outspoken about racism in football.


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Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 14.18.44Despite Dele Alli wasn’t called for the recent Euro Qualifiers, I wasn’t mad, as he did participate for the first qualifier against the Czech Republic.  Sadly it is not about the winning game, but the racism issues raised by the fans were repeated. The game against Bulgaria where England won the game 0-6 was stopped twice due to racists issues that were raised by the Bulgarian fans.

What I see from Gareth Southgate is that he gave every opportunity of young players equally, not based on the race of the players. As everyone could see that England brought diversities to the team for their successful World Cup 2018 campaign.

To put it short that racism should never be ok! The fact that it kept repeating the problems of racisms in football it’s ridiculous. But I am always supporting England, and thank you, Gareth Southgate, for bringing such a diverse team and cultures to teach other countries about unity, that nationality is not only based on skin colour.

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