Head in the Clouds 2 | 2019

Head in the Clouds 2 | 2019

Head in the Clouds

Head in the Clouds 2.png

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’m posting something. I have been busy with life that I think it’s a bit un-controllable. However, I think I just find a perfect time for me to write a little bit about Head in the Clouds 2.

It’s been a year since 88rising crew released their Head in the Clouds. I think that the crew has been so amazing along the year, the artists like NIKI, Rich Brian, Joji, August 08 and Higher Brothers are coming back with their new songs.


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The Indonesian artist, Stephanie Poetri who rose to stardom due to I Love You 3000 that was inspired by Avengers Endgame also joined the Head in the Clouds 2 album with Jackson from Got7.

Overall the album is super amazing, 88rising also brought artists all around Asia like South Korea, Japan and Thailand joined the force for Head in the Clouds 2. For K-Pop fans, Chungha is one of the highlights for the Head in the Clouds 2.

The Japanese boy group, EXILE GENERATIONS also joined the force with Joji, and Phum Vihurit joined NIKI for the song Strange Land. I personally think that Head in the Clouds 2 is proof that in music you don’t have to understand each other’s languages but through the feelings.

One thing that I think it might be so repetitive is that I Love You 3000 now is a bit overexposed.  As we are going to listen to another I Love You 3000 Chinese Version for the upcoming Jackson Wang’s album. Although the song is such an amazing song, and it’s great to see an Indonesian artist making it big at the States.

Other additional Western artists such as Swae Lee, Major Lazer, Don Krez and Barney Bones also joined the forces! It’s an amazing album, and keep it up 88risng. Congratulations for Head in the Clouds 2!

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