Ratu Bersama 2003

Ratu – Bersama 2003

Ratu Bersama Album

ratu bersama.png

Ratu was a duo in the early 2000s until 2009, along the years Maia Estianty as the creator of the duo changes the formations for a few times. In 2003, Ratu released their first album titled Bersama (Together) as their debut album. Ratu gained huge popularity due to their unique concepts.


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Maia Estianty recruited Pinkan Mambo as her partner for the duo, their first album, Bersama or Together in English was having the R&B background in 2003.  The hits from Bersama album included Aku Baik-Baik Saja (I’m Fine) was gaining huge success in 2003. Pinkan Mambo’s unique husky voice gained the attention from the public, quickly their concepts acquire huge popularity in Indonesia.

ratu bersama.jpg

Bunda Maia, is more the producer rather than the singer of the group Ratu (Queen), but then you will know that Maia is the queen. Most of their songs are about love, heartbreaks and sometimes women’s empowerment. Despite their success, the Ratu collaboration by Maia Estianty and Pinkan Mambo stopped right after the Bersama album. The collaboration stopped due to an internal problem, but both remains having a good relationship.

Once again Ratu is a project that showcasing Maia Estianty singing and producing skills. Right after the Bersama album, Ratu still continues with numerous success with a lot of hits that teens who were born in the 90s still remember up to today. Bersama has to be my favourite Ratu’s album to date, not only it was their debut song, but it was one of Bunda Maia best times.

There are tons of Indonesian artists that are so talented in Indonesia, but to be honest the best ones got to be from the early 2000s! what do you think about it guys? In my personal opinion, Bunda Maia is still one of the best producers from Indonesia. Her existence as a singer and producer are still wildly popular among the younger generations.

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