Project Pop Pop Circus 2005

Project Pop Pop Circus 2005

project pop pop circus.jpg

Project Pop is a musical group based in Indonesia. I was so young when I was first listening to songs like Dangdut is the music of my country, Jangan Ganggu and Indovers. Back in 2005, Project Pop released the album called Pop Circus.

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Project Pop is an unusual group, they have making songs from pop, rock, hip-hop and R&B. You should check this Pop Circus album by Project Pop, and you will know how creative the Indonesians musicians are. There are other Indonesians artists that you need to check out here.

One of the songs that I really love the most is Indovers, as the members wrote how much they are in love with Indonesia. Despite living abroad at the moment, I have a dream that one day I could be a helpful person for Indonesia.

Tiada lebih yg seindahmu

Hadirkan banyak kisah cinta

Damai dan jayalah selalu indonesia

I was having the chance to see Project Pop a year ago in Melbourne, as a university student at the moment it was such a throwback for me.

I feel like back in the early 2000s musicians in Indonesia are freer to express their thoughts with their music videos. For example in Jangan Ganggu a song that based on dangdut, rock and rap music showcase crossdresser. In which I think people are more open-minded, and just being creative.

Teka-Teki Cinta from this Pop Circus album is one of the most romantic songs out of all the songs from Pop Circus besides Jatuh Cinta. I really think that you should check out Project Pop, and they have other albums that I will try to put it up on this blog.

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