Lexie Liu 好吗,好啦,好吧 | OK? OK OK| 2019

Lexie Liu 好吗,好啦,好吧 | 2019

Lexie Liu 好吗,好啦,好吧 | 2019 OK? OK OK

Lexie Liu 刘柏辛 - 好吗,好啦,好吧.jpg

It wasn’t that long ago that Lexie Liu was introduced to the world as 88rising’s signee, it was confirmed on iHeartRadio and NIKI was not the only female artist in 88rising for awhile I think.  And soon Lexie Liu released the EP called 2030. But it might be that Lexie Liu now is with Oxygen Entertainment. But I think both 88rising and Oxygen Entertainment is focusing to bridge the music within the East and the West culture. But I hope everything the best for both!


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In 2019, Lexie Liu is back with 好吗,好啦,好吧, or OK? OK OK. What I really love about Lexie Liu is that she is a very versatile artist, and could possible doing any genre from pop, R&B to hip-hop music.

You could see how Lexie Liu’s audiovisuals are just going to blow your mind, OK? OK OK or 好吗,好啦,好吧 itself is a song with dreamy feelings. At some point, it could a heartbreak song with hopelessness feels.

还是太害怕你回答(Scared of your answer)

不用开口说了(might as well just keep it to yourself)

反正能猜到你的话 (I see what’s coming anyways)

就不该再问了 好吗 ( I won’t ask for it, ok?)

On this song itself, Lexie Liu is really participating a lot with the whole process, I would really recommend this song for everyone. Would love to see Lexie Liu back with another EP or an album!

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