AOMG- Sign Here Episode 1 Album

AOMG- Sign Here Episode 1 Album

Sign Here Album Episode 1

sign here aomg.jpg

Hi guys, too to be back to catch up upon Sign Here by AOMG, it seems that Mnet is no longer safe with their hip-hop show Show Me the Money. I feel sometimes Show Me the Money has become repetitive with their episode.

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But I would like to say that Sign Here is a new, fresh and exciting show to date, with Gray, and Simon Dominic back to coach these new young artists. They finally released the album for the first episode of the show, I have to say that the artists coming up for Sign Here got some fresh tracks to date.

SIGN HERE AOMGI feel like Jay Park is really taking care of the AOMG, with Sign Here I guess the opportunity of hip-hop genre in South Korea will only getting bigger. I am waiting for the song Passport by Maddox and Niihwa to be’s my fave!

But I got to say that South Korea is truly no joke for making their music industry growing bigger. Other than Sign Here, and Show Me the Money, shows like The Call which got season 1, and season 2 also received so much love from the public. Although the show called Kill Bill was slightly unsuccessful.

I’m not too sure the reason for the South Korean people with rappers, but I think their songs are awesome. Let us know what do you think about it guys!

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