P!nk Hurts 2B Human

P!nk Hurts 2B Human

Hurts 2B Human by P!NK

P!nk Hurts 2B Human.jpg

P!NK released her album titled Hurts 2B Human. In previous years as a kid, I listened to P!NK a lot! Especially the song, Just Give Me a Reason. I think Hurts 2B Human also focusing on the humane side of an artist (P!NK), but at the same time in general.

Hurts 2B Human, also featured Khalid, who I think the hottest artist so far. Khalid also featured with Ed Sheeran’s new album which people are complaining because it has more hip-hop music that what people expect Ed Sheeran will be.

I think P!NK also changes her music, to be more accepted by the teens, I personally think music is shifting now. People do not really care about the lyrics, but more into the beats, and the visuals of the song.

But I think Hurts 2B Human is also centred as someone who should accept themselves, and I think there are some expectations from outside that push some people to become worst. I really love P!NK the way she raps and wrote the lyrics.


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I think human emotions is the most difficult to deal with, because of the moment we try to be the best out of us, people are not really supported. The reason why I would like to think that music is the best medicine to cure your sadness because it is all written.

90 Days, Hurts 2B Human, Courage, and The Last Song Of Your Life are my favourite tracks from this album! Totally would like to recommend Hurts 2B Human for you guys!!


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