Kenshi Yonezu Uma to Shika | 2019

Kenshi Yonezu Uma to Shika | 2019

Uma to Shika by Kenshi Yonezu


Kenshi Yonezu has blessed the ears of his fans with coming back with another single titled Uma to Shika which is also the theme song of the drama No Side Game according to SBS.

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In 2019, Kenshi Yonezu also backs with Children of the Sea, which gained popularity on his YouTube channel. Kenshi Yonezu adding Uma to Shika for his Teenage Riot.  SBS also commented on how the cinematic of the music video of Uma to Shika is incredible.

Kenshi Yonezu .jpg

I really love Kenshi Yonezu as an artist as he is not only depending on a specific music market. I really think that Kenshi Yonezu is an artist that able to becoming big without a clickbait post from his own company! In fact, there’s a lot of entertainment company who always making news through the artists’ social media post which is not relevant.

I really think with Kenshi Yonezu it’s also been proven without a huge fandom, which fandom is very important to a pop-culture era. Kenshi Yonezu is a huge artist, and he is part of The Weeknd concert without a media play.

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Anyways Uma to Shika is an amazing song, although there is no translation about it yet, the expression itself from Kenshi Yonezu on Uma to Shika clearly explained it all. Uma to Shika or 馬と鹿 or in English is Horse and Deer is animal that actually always pictured as strong, dainty.  And you can see Horse and Deer on the art that’s being done for the art cover, in which Kenshi Yonezu might taking part in it.

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