Cuco Para Mi | 2019

Cuco Para Mi | 2019

Cuco Para Mi.jpg

Cuco is a Mexican-American singer-songwriter from California. Reminder, if you are Joji’s fan, then you should check him out, you might want to check Sen Morimoto as well.

Cuco is a name given by his mum, according to On this Para Mi album, Bossa No Sé is a song that inspired by a break-up. It was inspired Cuco to get over with that someone, Bossa No Sé itself is translated to I Don’t Know from Spanish. He also provides collaboration with Jean Carter.

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Lovetripper from this album actually reminds me of Dancing in the Dark by Joji. The same feels and vibes are equally filled with vulnerability. I think it was the biggest reason for being a fan of Lovetripper.

Most of his music is jazz, which I think it could be the best album to connect the Millenials with their parents. But I think Bossa No Sé is definitely my favourite from this Para Mi album. Para Mi itself is translated to For Me in English.

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