Brockhampton Ginger | 2019

Brockhampton Ginger 2019

Brockhampton’s Ginger Album Review

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We are going to look forward to Brockhampton’s Ginger!

Brockhampton released their album called Ginger in 2019. Previously member Dominic Fike, and Kevin Abstract releasing their own music projects. According to Pitchfork,  it was Brockhampton’s first album after a little hiatus.

Although Pitchfork reviews might be different for me, as I really think the album is pretty unique. There’s a lot of vulnerabilities on each music, on Boy Bye Variety described that there is an eerie beat along with the music which I think it’s interesting.  Variety also described the Brockhampton’s energy has been toned down. But I think I’m okay with toned-down energy.

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Their opening song, No Halo, is talking about their imperfections as a human being. Which it also took place from relationships, and other lists of failure in life. I think Ginger is more about confronting your own self.

I think with the songs has more toned-down energy, everyone able to enjoy the songs. I really interested in Heaven Belongs to You. Where there is a line “Like God can judge me‚ but only God can see, I ain’t bein’ judged, no one judging me, I walk on water, paint and touch‚ what I bring to these” which draw a line to Tupac’s Only God Can Judge Me.

I think in a certain sense, it is relatable to our life, where people are to tend to judge each other without knowing the right reason. I think it also related to the next track called If You Pray Right. I think this album is pretty poetic, in a way some people might disagree with their perspective on the last both tracks that I mentioned.

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The title track, Ginger got to be my favourite, although you can listen to the auto-tuned, and the element of a little mumble rap, but I think it was done perfect one. The song’s theme is about they facing out the problems that they face in their life.

Also with the track, Big Boy, where they are talking about wanted to be a better person. But it’s also related to the art cover for the album where you can see 2 people hugging each other. Love Me for Life is the last 2 track for the album Ginger by Brockhamton. The song Love Me for Life is about the feels of feeling lonely, some people are not aware if they are feeling lonely sometimes.

The last track is called Victor Roberts, which a new member of Brockhampton’s vocal! So it was a nice introduction for a new member to appear as well. Overall I think the whole album is satisfying to me.

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