Everything Changed… |Social House | 2019

Everything Changed… |Social House

Everything Changed… by Social House

Everything Changed... social house.jpeg

Social House dropped their EP called Everything Changed on August 2019. They also collaborate with Ariana Grande for the Boyfriend that the music video was released 2 weeks ago.

According to Pitchfork Social House themselves are signed to Boy/Republic, the collaborations with Ariana Grande is following her collaboration with her BFF, Victoria Manet. Despite the single Boyfriend is part of Social House’s EP, the music video was uploaded to Ariana’s YouTube channel. I personally loved the song as I think it was interesting, and the nice touch.


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Most of their songs are containing explicit content, but their songs are really nice, I would like to recommend the The Weeknd fans, SIRUP and DEAN fans. The tracks that I would like to suggest aside from Boyfriend, are Love Me Back  and Haunt You. 


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Don’t forget to let us know which one is your favourite song(s) from this EP on the comment section below!


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