Liverpool UEFA Cup | 2019

Liverpool UEFA Cup | 2019

Liverpool UEFA Cup | 2019
Liverpool UEFA Cup | 2019

Liverpool won the trophy for UEFA Cup 2019 against Chelsea. The result of the game was on penalty decisions. It was so emotional game, as Liverpool won the 2005 Champion League in Istanbul. As a fan, I just prayed that the miracle of Istanbul will happen once again. I could see that Steven Gerrard watching the game somewhere, and feeling the pride moments.

Soccer - UEFA Champions League - Final - AC Milan v Liverpool - Ataturk Olympic Stadium


And as Alisson Becker injured it was surprisingly scary for Liverpool fans as Alisson is the hero for our Barcelona comeback. But Adrian who just played for his final with Liverpool was playing incredible last night!


It was a fantastic season last year! and hopefully, Liverpool will challenge more titles in the future, as they are the champion of Europe right now! It was a bit unfortunate with the Community Shield, but Gini was playing so well.

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Enjoy the Liverpool Rap, and Pass and Move (It’s the Liverpool Groove), as John Barnes is one of the coolest footballers/rappers out there, aside from Memphis Depay! I really think that the new Liverpool players should try to do one! John Barnes also featured on New Order, World in Motion. Although John Barnes seems wasn’t comfortable, the rap was super comedic, and it’s iconic.

 I previously also linked Big Zuu, here. So please check out for more on the website for updates.



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