Fanxy Child
Fanxy Child Through Zico Instagaram

Fanxy Child released a new single album called Y. I previously posted about Fanxy Child a year ago. With their members Dean, and Crush I also provide some reviews so please kindly check it out.

Firstly I really love the song as it is a chill R&B song, they keep the swag, and I love the videography on this music video. The members, Dean, Zico, Crush, Millic,  and Penomeco have collaborated together in the past.

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It’s not surprising when Zico created his own label, as everyone might know that there are some restrictions conducted when someone is an idol. You need to be creative, but not provocative. As you need to be always “positive” through the eyes of the public.

I guess the song is about a moving on from a lover and also moving forward in life as you can not guess what’s coming next to you. But it’s not only a song about love life, but life as in financial ways when you became a successful person.

You might know that in mathematic, Y is a question that you need to solve in algebra. Hence when you are in your life, there will be always a Y that you need to solve? agree with me?

My favourite part of the song is when Dean got his part, as I am such a fan of Dean, but everyone else is really cool in the music.

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