Rich Brian | The Sailor Album Review | 2019

Rich Brian The Sailor | 2019

The Sailor Album Review by Rich Brian

Rich Brian’s The Sailor

Rich Brian The Sailor
Rich Brian The Sailor

Rich Brian dropped his second album The Sailor, this year Rich Brian dropped his single Yellow as his opening. Dazed magazine praised how Rich Brian’s artistry, he got the inspirations from his dad, and how he learned English from YouTube. Previously Rich Brian dropped Amen, as his debut album back in 2018. Back in 2018, I attended Amen’s concert with my friend, and I was surprised by the impacts of Rich Brian’s album.

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With The Sailor album, Rich Brian collaborated with RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan, and it is incredible to see a collaboration from a hip-hop OG, with an artist coming from Asia. Furthermore, Rich Brian is an inspiration himself for the young people across Asia to achieve their dreams, regardless of what’s the next opportunity is coming. Rich Brian previously also collaborated with other artists like 21 Savage, and Wacka Flocka for music. Rich Brian also dropped a song with XXXTENTACION.

Rich Brian also proofing himself that he is more than just a viral sensation after Dat Stick, but he is the kid coming from Indonesia to someone that working with Dave Meyers. Rich Brian helping the kids of Indonesia, and in Asia in general, that it is okay to have a dream that bigger enough more than what people, in general, is thinking.

My favourite songs from this album are The Sailor, as a represent going abroad to achieve a dream, Kids a represents towards the kids’ dreams.  Overall, it is an album with a lot of expectations from numerous people, and as an Indonesian person, I am proud to be his fan.

Songs like The Sailor that represent him going abroad to America from Indonesia is a represents that you need to sacrifice something when you want to achieve a dream.

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