BewhY | The Movie Star 2019

BewhY | The Movie Star 2019

BewhY The Movie Star Album

BewhY | The Movie Star
BewhY | The Movie Star

The South Korean rapper, BewhY recently comeback with his new album called The Movie Star. BewhY who came up to the surface right after the show, Show Me the Money 5, showing himself that he is more than just a show stealer, he is an artist. This year, BewhY also taking part on Show Me the Money 8, as a producer.

The Movie Star is the album that BewhY entirely produced under his own management, De Ja Vu, for this album BewhY choose 가라사대 (GOTTASADAE) that is translated as He Says.

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Firstly I have to say that the album, The Movie Star is a splendid album, among the South Korean rappers, BewhY is my favourite as he has his own distinct style, and high creativity on producing his music. I could say that his style is not a copy-paste music from the States.

Even for the music video for He Says or 가라사대 (GOTTASADAE) he is able to capture the whole music video through cinematic feels. BewhY also collaborates the classical musical instruments towards his music, like in Adaptation, WON.

So I really appreciate BewhY’s selection, before I feel like most of the rappers are losing their authenticity, and misinterpret the swag itself from the States’ culture.  Above all 2019 is going to be a busy year for BewhY!

The show, Show Me the Money 8, is taking on the Mnet’s channel, check out the website for more videos of the show.

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