The Lion King: The Gift 2019 Review

Lion King Soundtrack Review

Lion King Soundtrack 2019

The Lion King: The Gift by Beyoncé

The Lion King: The Gift 2019
The Lion King: The Gift 2019

Today, I’ll review the movie Lion King’s soundtrack. Lion King has been part of everybody’s life since early childhood. Artists like Childish Gambino, Beyoncé, and WizKid took part on the film that directed by Jon Favreau the guys behind the Iron Man, and other great stories.

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The soundtrack that is on the movie has been influenced by the like of Afro-Pop, and R&B music, if I could say it reminds me of the soundtrack of the Black Panther movie. However aside from the new soundtrack the old soundtrack-like Can You Feel the Love Tonight actually still appearing on the film, including Hakuna Matata.

However, on this Lion King movie, Beyoncé seems in charge like Kendrick Lamar on the movie Black Panther’s album. Beyoncé has the album The Lion King: The Gift, so please check it out!

Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams also taking part in this album! A lot of artists from Africa regions also taking part in this album, showing how music actually could be very borderless. This could be some examples that there are so many ways to connect with other people and culture! To put it short, the new movie keeps the original songs that brought a lot of memories, but at the same time, the new soundtracks give everyone different feels.

My favourite song has to be Spirit and NILE that featured my favourite rapper, Kendrick Lamar. Let me know what do you guys think about the album, and what’s your favourite song?

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