Yellow by Rich Brian Out | 2019 Deep and Emotional Released

Rich Brian Released Yellow for The Sailor in 2019

Yellow Rich Brian First single in 2019 for The Sailor

The Sailor Album by Rich Brian

88rising Rich Brian Released Yellow along with Bekon

Yellow Rich Brian
Yellow Rich Brian

Back in 2018, I went to Rich Brian’s tour with my friend Sara. Bandwagon Asia, also showed their support for the Indonesian rapper. Rich Brian has been in the scene in a while now with 88rising.  88rising, also very successful for their with their Midsummer Madness, where they also have a collaboration with Verbal.

Rich Brian dropped his single called Yellow, where he collaborated with Bekon, whom Bekon worked for Kendrick Lamar for his DAMN Album. You can check on Bekon’s Billboard interview here. I went to Kendrick Lamar’s concert back in 2018, and it was amazing. I would update more of my experience photos at the concert soon!

Bekon has a single called Cold As Ice, which somehow reminds me of the melody of Yellow, somehow it’s like a continuation of the song. I’m very proud of Rich Brian who showed that everyone can survive in the cold world of the rapping game.

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The song itself expressed the emptiness of life as well, which before releasing Yellow, Rich Brian cleared out his Instagram page. But on the song, he also revealed how he felt like he is 21 years old. By knowing that Rich Brian who is previously known as Rich Chigga rose to prominence with his single Dat Stick at such a young age.

This could be found on the lyrics How do I disappear without anybody knowing?  Will anybody even miss me when I’m gone? and Don’t need no ice, feel like I’m 21 (21). But since 88rising is coming into the scene, more of Asian artists are getting their own stage, and don’t forget to check out NIKI as well.

The music video of Yellow from Rich Brian is directed by Dave Meyers, and I think it is such an amazing thing for Indonesian to work with an award-winning music director. Dave Meyers previously work with Kendrick Lamar for his music videos, CL’s Lifted, and the K-Pop group WINNER.  To see what Sean doing for 88rising and other Asian artists is really incredible.

Definitely, it’s incredible that Jaeson Ma’s and Sean visions are really happening. In fact, the video really described what the song should look like. The feeling of being trapped, interestingly on the first scenes, Brian was wrapped up in plastic, and try to get out, similar to a cocoon. Some of the scenes on this music video is really spooky, like hands coming out from Brian’s mouth.  It looks like some exorcisms might happen on the music video.

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Let us know what do you think about the single on the comment section below! Rich Brian later confirmed on Complex about his next album called The Sailor that will be out on 27 July 2019!

On the previous album, Rich Brian has such amazing features from Migos, fellow label mates like NIKI, Joji, and August 08. I somewhat can’t wait for what he will be up to for this album. Rich Brian himself has been very successful in carrying the name of Indonesian artist abroad and showing the capability of wonderful artistry.

To take notes, 21 Savage also featured on one of Rich Brian songs, and the late of XXXTENTACION. Rich Brian showing that there are no boundaries in music. He has such a long friendship with other American rappers out there, which is amazing, Cultural boundaries are not really existing anymore.

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