BTS Dream Glow | 2019

BTS Dream Glow | 2019

What do you guys think about BTS upcoming Dream Glow Soundtrack?

BTS Dream Glow Released on 2019!

BTS Dream Glow

BTS is above all the most coveted group in the last 2 years. BTS has shown the world how a language barrier is being broken through music. They have been successful with the release of PERSONA this year. One of the highlights is the collaboration with Halsey, for Boy With Luv.

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BTS is no longer alienated in the pop industry internationally, this could be proven with their long lists of collaborations with Western artists. Their most recent collaborators including the pop sensation Charli XCX, Zara Larsson, and the rapper JUICE WRLD.  Even the producer about this album will include the name of Mura Masa, the British producer, who previously collaborated with artists like A$AP Rocky, and Desiigner.

NME listed the collaborations that BTS has done with the Western world, for me it was totally pleasing when Asian artists are being taken seriously in this competitive industry. As asking someone to be featured on an album is something that is not easy. But at the same time, both sides are getting the profit.

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Why? simply because due to demand and factor conditions. BTS is being seen as the most pivotal group at the moment. So they have a huge market, at the same time, the music world is being smaller, means no boundaries.

You can see that artists like Charli XCX finally gets the spotlight that she used to deserved, she was previously huge by getting into the Fancy music, and Boom Clap that featured in a soundtrack for The Fault in Our Star. And Charli herself is making her album after 4/5 years since Sucker in 2014!

But I think by far the songs are amazing, and fun to listen to, and I guess ARMY is super amazing. By far BTS is being seen as the most open-minded group as well, they have very supportive thoughts for the society, for mental health care, to speak at the UN.

It’s going to be a very super busy time for BTS as they also having their comeback for the Japanese market!

I also think the songs that are being released on the Japanese album only is very satisfying. The fact that they have something different for the Japanese market is really showing that they preparing something different for the market, showing their hard work.

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