Daytona Review Pusha-T | 2018 Release

Daytona Review Pusha-T

Daytona Album Review

Pusha-T 2018


Daytona | 2018

It turns out that I haven’t reviewed Daytona by Pusha T.  However I do think that the album wasn’t hyped up as the recent releases of hip-hop music. I always said that viewers of a music video are not always describing your music score. But apparently, this If You Know You Know, get only a 3.8 million views!

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The album gets a high decent score, with a distinction, and high distinction scores from reviewers like Pitchfork, and Rolling Stone. As I mentioned on my previous post on Drake’s newest released, Drake took a jab on Pusha-T.

Kanye was also participate on this album, on the song called What Would Meek Do?. Kanye and Pusha-T also collaborated in many other songs like Runaway, New God Flow, and Mercy that also featuring Big Sean. Check out Kanye’s latest album ye review!

What is/are my favourite song(s)?

  • Santeria
  • What Would Meek Do?

Simply because I love the vocal in Santeria, from 070 Shake. I feel like it gives you a chill, it was translated as you’re leaving tomorrow, the angels will wait. Which could be meant to the City of Angels, aka Los Angeles.

What Would Meek Do is another amazing song that he collaborated with Kanye, as Infrared is the other song that I love in this album. So this album becomes a hot topic after Pusha-T accused Drake used a ghost-writer to write his lyrics. Infrared was the specific song that contained the diss.

But I do love a dissing track, as I think it’s a very interesting story or stories that build along the time.

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