Lee Hi 24°C Review

Lee Hi 24°C Review

Lee Hi 24°C Review

Lee Hi finally made a comeback, she is back with an EP called 24C that composed of 5 songs, then she also has few of collaborations from her recent comeback. I feel like her comeback is very decent, after a few setbacks. You can feel her maturity along with the recent comeback.

No one as the main single for this EP is really blowing my mind, she has the comeback with IKON’s B.I. and I think B.I’s part is really amazing, rumour has it that he will has his own solo album, which I can’t really wait. She sounded really mature, and she also gets her confidence along with the new chapter of her life.


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I think the other interesting track is 1,2 along with CHOI HYUNSUK from TREASURE, as TREASURE will make their debut this year, it’s going to be a busy year along with YG Entertainment. Her dreamy concepts are the best though, I could guess that the director of this music video is Han Sha Min, but anyway it is one of the best YG comebacks.

Other than that, I feel like I hope Lee Hi could collaborate with KATIE KIM with her recent LOG EP, both are falling in the same category, I feel like they both has such a strong soulful voice that really able to makes you want to listen to their voice all the time. I love that Lee Hi also participated on the EP that has been participated along the years by the fans. I think she is really mature with the choice of the genre, with Jazz, and R&B music.

Her collaboration with G.Shoul is very impressive as well. G.Soul was part of JYP trainee for sometimes before decided to leave to make it as his own. I think G.Soul’s music is really amazing as well. The song called No Way is also dreamy, and it’s about a love story.

I could say there is no bad songs on this EP, so congratulations to Lee Hi.


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