NIKI wanna take this downtown? | 2019


wanna take this downtown?


NIKI is back with her EP called wanna take this downtown? my question has 88rising ever produced a bad song?

So the EP composed of 4 songs with LOWKEY as the main single being part of the album. I think the album is really amazing, and I personally loving the whole EP, and even during NIKI’s debut with 88rising.

I think on this EP, NIKI’s is really amazing with all of her songwriting skills, and definitely, she’s really good with the improvisation, and she is really showing on why she is the real deal and The Needle Drop also approved this.


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What I really like about NIKI’s songs is that NIKI is dared to be different, rather than going to be very Instagram famous in Indonesia, she chooses the right path to go with 88rising, and just exploring on what she is loving in the music industry. And her art directions are just amazing, as she is really being committed to her projects.

But I have to say that her vocals are the best of the whole EP, she has this sassy vibes on her songs, but she is doing it in the right way, not being awkward or too much. I feel like most of her songs are very relatable to the teenage girls that most of her, and our age.

And yeasss that’s what I will say as far for now for this new EP by the lovely NIKI, can’t wait for what to come, from this young, talented lady here!!! I think the whole EP is just killed it, and I think the diversity in the pop and R&B industry is also the best part from this 88rising collective.

And yess, hopefully, we are able to see more collaborative works in the future by the 88rising collective, and they just showing the world that Asian should not be represented in a certain way, and yes, Asians are also equally talented as many people do. And we’re not born only for the technical things, like being an engineer, lawyer, or doctor, or even an accountant.

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