This following review of WE by WINNER is an honest review


So WINNER just came back with the title AH YEAH as their main track for their EP called WE. I just have to say it was better than the last comeback with Millions, and please don’t hate me for saying this.

While AH YEAH I have to say is very cheerful, which is good, but it was just better from every perspective, even by the art perspective. I like the way they used the saxophone in the song from AH YEAH, and ZOO.

The way they composed the songs are not really into hip-hop music, but it’s not bad. It actually reminds me with Taylor Swift’s comeback ME!. I mean WINNER is being different from the YG Artists that mainly focusing on hip-hop and dance music. MOLA has actually reminded me of Shawn Mendes song, and it also reminds me of Katy Perry’s song called I Kissed A Girl.

Not saying it’s bad, IT’S AMAZING!! I love WINNER, the reason why this comeback is better because actually, MINO himself is able to show everyone else about what he is capable of. As for the EVERYDAY Remix, I just don’t feel like they have to be there….It just not really for me. 


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But, remember the FIRST LOVE where they performed it in YOO SugarMan? OMGG They released the studio version. Which I think was super cute from WINNER. I just feel like they don’t receive the attention that they deserved. They are the cutest group I ever have known, they really work hard from my perspective.

Overall I think this is a solid comeback, I think their last comebacks were more into a rush after their success with REALLY, REALLY, and actually the hero from EVERYDAY is actually for me is Song Minho, because he is able to explore what he is really like, and he is coming up with XX Album too.

I can’t wait for the other members to show their own songs too.

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