Tompi and Glenn |If you were listening to Indonesian Musici in 2000s, you need to know these guys

Tompi and Glenn


While I was young I listening to a lot of Indonesian music, before all of us being westernised by Western music. But above all, I think Indonesian music finally started to find it’s own ground once again. Even the hip-hop music that dominated the world at the moment finds its own moment in Indonesia. We have named like Laze, Jayko as part of the leading artists in Indonesia.

Today I will write about Tompi and Glenn, they are the 2000s artists that dominate the 2000s music charts in Indonesia. If you know Najwa Shihab, she generated the show called Mata Najwa, and she also has a platform called Nara-Z, where it’s talking about an educated video of politics. And actually, Tompi and Glenn were part of the show called Tompi & Glenn. I’ll link all the videos at the end of the post! They have a millenialistic education video!


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Tompi and Glenn’s main genre is R&B/Soul, while they were reigning the charts back in 2000s, the use of social media wasn’t a big part of the society’s life. But I think some of the songs are actually still stuck in my head. The Indonesian music finally finds its ground in the midst of the huge k-pop industries, and the western music industry. Other R&B artists that I recommended can be found on the other post called best indonesian r&b artists.

For example the song Menghujam Jantungku, it was the jam that I was listening to this song way back then, while my driver drove me to school with my brother. Gosh, I miss Indonesia so much at the moment. I’m so excited as I am going to continue my study in journalism, and going back to Indoneisa. The song got some jazzy vibes, and Tompi’s vocal was just killing it! and who knows that Tompi is a doctor? YUP, a real doctor.

Glenn’s Januari is actually the one that always stuck in my head. I would like to call him as the Indonesian’s Ne-Yo, but it against my statement of labelling others as an image of someone else’s. The fact that this song was old but still amazing to listen, and worth it after almost a decade, showing me how good was the lyrics was!

Anyways..any of you guys starting to listen to Indonesian music while living abroad like me? who is your favourite Indonesian R&B artist(s)? Anyone watch Mata Najwa as well? let me know on the comment section below. Their spotify are also linked, so stream on the legal streaming website.

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