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Joshua Caleb

Hi Melbournians if you lived around Melbourne and wish to listen to some dope music, don’t worry!! There is Joshua Caleb aka The Story of Joshua. I was wondering around H&M in Melbourne City, and I saw some music performance alongside the street. img_3437

Well, seems like he was kind enough to check my music blog as well. There I learned that here in the world there are no boundaries despite our differences. And actually, I got Joshua’s CD as well. I have to say that his music is just super cool.  And yes Melbourne is a beautiful city with a lot of diverse people, and creative people are coming together.

If you ever thought Melbourne Hip Hop is not a cool scene, you are totally wrong. As an international student here in Melbourne, I don’t get to know the home-country hip hop artists that much. I have to say their independent artists are sounding better, and have they are our style. Sometimes the best one are the one that you just spot them randomly! I was amazed by his freestyle as walked by the H&M, and that’s how I just got he CD!


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It’s all freestyle from my heart

I asked Joshua on what inspired him the most of this music, and he said that he freestyled the whole thing. On an interview with Newscoop, he said that his inspiration is the artist Andre 3000. Just if you don’t know who is Andre 3000 is he was featured in Anderson Paak’s Ventura. Joshua said on the interview that he was doing a Marketing degree, but he knows that music is the best path for him. Not only that he actually plays musical instruments like the piano, and guitar. I really hope everything will be best for him, as I really truly enjoy his music.

I think if you guys loving J. Cole, and the old school hip hop music, definitely listen out to my newest friend Joshua Caleb!!! definitely worth it. I was in a rush on a later day so I wasn’t able to take the real footage near H&M, so sad that I didn’t get to film it, but maybe next time!

For more NEW REVIEW here, and hope you enjoy this independent talented artist!

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