Stormzy VOSSI BOP | 2019

Stormzy Release Vossi Bop

VOSSI BOP is Stormzy first release in 2019, and his first single since 2017!

2019 have been great by far. A lot of amazing artists have started their new beginning in 2019. Stormzy is back with VOSSI Bop in the first half of 2019!! Actually I have been interested in grime for a few whiles. In 2018 Stormzy also featured in Los Unidades album.

I just thing the cultural thing is a bit different from the hip hop that you have listened from the States.


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What’s the story behinds the song?

According to Stormzy is pointing out to the politician Boris Johnson who is a supporter of Brexit. But Brexit itself will actually affected other things in the UK. To put it out it’s not as simple as what people think. You might know that the art of music are sometimes could relate to politics as I put it here. It’s also inspired by the viral dance move. I think it’s important to use the voice in the right moment to educate young people. And yes, Stormzy is always being vocal for education. Stormzy also provided scholarship for those who can’t afford their education.

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