Dumbfoundead Washed | 2019



You might hear of Dumbfoundead before, the rapper was born in Argentina and part of the Korean-American community. The rapper who was born as Jonathan Edgar Park has been vocally and constantly speaking about the lack of Asian representation in the community. Washed is actually part of his EP that was released called Cafe Bleu that was released back in 2018.


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But he just released the audio visual of Washed few days ago. On the lyrics of the song;

Runnin’ through thotties
And ran into problems
Still don’t have a Lambo
But I’m eatin’ well at Nandos
Walk in clubs with my sandals


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I think he explained that the artist’s struggle of living life, and the picture of the celebrity is not as “wealthy” as it looks on the outside, or in tabloids. Here you can see the comparison of the sports car Lamborghini that also represents wealth, you might seen a lot of rapper showing of their wealth through watches, and cars. While Nandos (it’s the best chicken restaurant) is a fast food restaurant.  And last but not least he also commented on the Asian lack of representation here

They say Asian don’t raisin
Went from young and the dangerous

Which is actually related to the song called SAFE that he released a few years back.

The lack of Asian representation also featured on the song called SAFE! you might know that the movie of Scarlett Johansson’s Ghost in the Shell was criticised not really representing Asian. And a lot of other case where whitewashing are happening. The change are actually started with the release of Crazy Rich Asian where actually Asians are cool!


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The video featured of various movies with the face are actually being changed to Dumbfoundead’s face! so it’s interesting as Asian people are actually always casted as the scientist, the wealthy ones, or basically the weakest one. But the truth is there are so many types of Asian people. And yes they are actually blessed with different skills!

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