hip hop and politics

hip hop and politics

hip hop and politics
hip hop and politics

The Indonesian election has done, with the quick count Mr. Jokowi and Mr. Ma’aruf Amin won 54.45%. As it’s my first ever election after being legal to choose, I could say that it was an intense one. However, on every single political event, the most interesting part is during their campaign and their d-day of their election.

hip hop and politics
hip hop and politics

So what is the relation between politics and music? In America, hip hop music is known to be part of the form of art of the African-American communities. It’s about being vocal with their voice to protest, and admiration.

But before moving to the music behinds it, let me write about Mr. Jokowi and I really adore him. I wrote few my admiration posts for Mr. Jokowi. For example my first post about him, and just before the elections. What I learnt from him? HIS PATIENCE, no body is perfect, and even as being the backbone as the family is not easy, it can be your mum, dad, or even your sibling. So once again congratulations Mr. Jokowi, and even the real count said so.


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We GO BACK TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY We’re going to look forward to whom these musicians are writing their lyrics for.

PUBLIC ENEMY- By The Time I Get To Arizona, the song is about when people are not celebrating the Martin Luther King Jr. day, These events later caused the activist to get mad about the event.

NAS- BLACK PRESIDENT; We all know that Nas is one of the living legends right? His face is more than just being part of the Supreme t-shirt. The song sampled the great Tupac Shakur song I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto. The song was released in 2008, where President Obama was actually the first African-American leader of the country.

JOGJA HIP HOP FOUNDATION; COBLOS NO 2 at 2014 Presidential Election. What I see in Indonesia is actually they are more open about their voice in the last few years. Especially with Mr. Jokowi lead the country, people are being more open-minded. It was an interesting song, with a traditional Javanese music instrument. Even the rap parts are in Javanese.

ANDREA TURK ft JAYKO; a song that dedicated to Mr. Jokowi. Aside from being known for his work, Mr. Jokowi also known to gave his voice for the young generations. From that point of view, I’m very blessed to be able to join last Indonesian Election.

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  1. IMO, if we talk about hip hop and Politic, you should put Homicide or Morgue Vanguard on the top of the list. Search them (or him) on Spotify, Youtube, and SoundCloud.


    1. Oo okee Kak, Kak boleh contribute ngaa hhhe


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