+LSD’s Album Review+

LSD Album Review

Album Review for LSD first album


Finally Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo releasing their album. Last year they dropped their first MVs together. What I could say from this group is that you can see a different side of Diplo. I mean Diplo’s EDM party anthems are amazing. But on these sides, you can see the “calmer” sides of Diplo. On the other hands, Labrinth who is famous for his emotional songs is being bold. As for Sia I always love her, and it’s cool that she is the only girl of the group (girl power)


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Thunderclouds are such a legendary song, but No New Friends is totally my song. As you may know, I am such a quiet person, and you guess it right. I have my own “world” far away from the people. There are a few dubstep elements on this album, fused in soft EDM, and R&B music.

Audio, Mountains, Heaven Can Wait, are just dope! Even their “slow” song is just the best called Its Time. As for Genius they also have the version with the great Lil Wayne! Overall the whole album is just way to amazing, and I have no reason not loving the album in the entire world.

Obviously with EDM songs, you can have a certain part of the song that is auto-tuned, however, I think you can listen that Labrinth’s voice and Sia’s voice is still being natural. What I want to say the music is edited well. You can listen to the song as an LSD’s songs, not a Sia’s song, Labrinth’s song, or even Dilo’s song. The parts are equally distributed. What is your favourite song on the album? let me know on the comment section below.

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