+ventura 2019 review+

+ventura 2019 review+


Yup the album of Ventura is out! I love Anderson .Paak so much, and I have put some of my love for Anderson .Paak. I could say that Anderson is a really hard working man, from being a homeless guy to collaborate with the legend Dr. Dre.

The album is composed with 11 tracks for the album! there is an appearance from artists like Lalah Hathaway and Andre 3000. I have to be honest that Anderson .Paak has the funk, the hip hop, and the R&B. So it gives his music a colour of its own. What I like about his music video is that its really clear, and the cinematography of the music video is just amazing. I think on this album he also explores his love life.

As the Highsnobiety confirmed Make It Better is a sweet song and Anderson .Paak clearly owning the fans with his charms. Anderson is also very open with his collaborations with other artists, like with DEAN, from South Korea.

His collaboration with Andre 3000 is also my favourite part of this album. As Come Home is the opening track of this album, there’s a bit some funk, a bit gospel-ly sound which is so refreshing for an opening track. I could say it’s a bit oldie, which is good because you can listen to it with your family.

Darlin’, I have to be moved from afar
The truth is the only thing worth holdin’ onto anymore (Anymore)
Untie me, let me loose from the cord
I’m so gone, so far, I deserve more (More, I deserve more)

I also love his collaboration with Lalah Hathaway. The song is a bit groovy, despite the sad meaning behinds it. I love that Lalah Hathaway is being featured on this album. Although Anderson .Paak is a hip hop artists, I could say that his music is a bit more diverse compared to other hip hop artists. He got a little bit of funk, R&B, hip hop at the same time.


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Baby, I feel your pain
But to try and save you now is what I won’t do, what I won’t do
(Look out) Keep tryin’
(I’ma tell ’em, look out) I ain’t tryna save you now
I feel your pain
But to try and save you now is what I won’t do, what I won’t do

And eventually we have King James, that was released weeks ago. I really wait for the whole album to come out. The song dedicated to LeBron James the basketball player. On this case, Anderson looks up upon James’ philanthropic activities. Clearly despite his huge success James keep on building the support for the African-American communities.

They can’t gentrify the heart of kings

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