+janelle monae+

+janelle monae+

+janelle monae+
+janelle monae+

Hi guys, I would like to talk about Janelle, but in the past few weeks, the blog has been built up in a newer way. We have more contributors which are good. I would like to talk about feminism. Well, I just realised that a lot of my posts are always about guys. But Janelle Monaé is really different, and PYNK was beautiful, and at the same time explaining explicitly yeat gracefully about feminism and her love.

It’s her album that was released back in 2018. I think this album is the best album from her just yet. I knew her through her collaboration with Fun. years ago.

+janelle monae+
+janelle monae+

I mean the reason why I really love PYNK’s visual is that firstly it shows the female parts but in an artistic and deeper meaning. Janelle herself is open up about being a queer woman in the music industry. Not only that Janelle also very open on talking about her sexuality, and her identity.

From her album Dirty Computer you can see the song like PYNK, I Like That is actually expressing herself. So I think its a very interesting choice of album. It’s being critical because she also portraying the unusual ladies, and she is breaking the stereotype of being a girl. The thing is that I’m very open to whatever topics in this world, but the place where I’m from is not used to this kind of topic.

But I think women should be proud of themselves regardless of what people might think of us, you. Because at the end of the day we are born to be special and don’t be afraid to express who you are. I think no one will love you as much as yourself. It’s not about being self-centred, but being respectful with ourselves, and accepting ourselves.


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